What is Job Portal??

The job portal is also known as "Career Portal" and it is easy way to find the vacancies .This site will help the applicants to find the required jobs. With a tough economy, and internet being an integral part of one's life, job portals or job sites have increasingly gained in importance.

With the high rate of technological evolution and its fast penetration, the traditional approach -developing a resume, submitting it to various companies, and hoping to receive a call from them - is now passe & this is what the exact working of Job Portals.

Job portals save effort and time, and are more efficient than any other job search medium. Ones you just needs to register and a get a profile page then you can then send applications, as well as keep track of your online activities.

Nowadays, job portals have made a big difference in making the employment easier and effective for both the employer and employee. The job portal provides the opportunities for applicants based on their qualification for their bright feature.

Advantages of job portals:

  • Easy to use, save time: Job portals allow job seekers to search job listings based on location, keywords, particular skills, job domain, dates or position titles, and thus save a lot of your time.
  • Not to miss the recruiter angle: Job portals have, indeed, made a recruiter's life much simpler too. Now job portals enable recruiters to find candidates as matched to their job requirements, by searching via targeted keywords.
  • Customizable: Jobs listed on the sites are also dedicated to specific industry that makes finding the ideal job much easier. A brand manager doesn't have to go through the jobs related to marketing.
  • Free of charge: Registering on a job site is free. It doesn't cost you a penny to browse through thousands of jobs available on a job portal.
  • Online resume submission: These job portals also allow job seekers to submit their resume to the recruiter without any additional cost.

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