Software Development

Softwin InfoTech is leading Software Development Company in Sangli, Kolhapur area. We have achieved excellence in the areas of custom business Software development. Our professional team of Software developers is expert & well experienced to convert your ideas into an effective software application.

There are various companies and businesses with different products & services. We understand that every business might have different set of goals and set of requirements. To fulfill the every requirement it is important to develop a unique and effective software solution.

To come up with this and to fulfill each and every requirement of our clients and to develop a effective software solution, our Software Development Process mainly focused on

  • Proper Analysis and Requirement gathering
  • Easy and user friendly software Designing
  • Maintaining Industry level standards in Coding and Implementation
  • Through software testing throughout the process
  • Error-free Deployment and user end Installation
  • Software Training & Maintenance

Gathering and analysis

Our initial and important step of our Software Development process is understanding the requirements, proper analysis and gathering all the required information Based on the requirement and general purpose of the software, our expert team of software developers and IT Professionals create a guideline and several steps to be followed in the throughout development process.

Software Designing:

According to our research, analysis and requirement our team prepare a user friendly and easy to navigate design for the software. This design will help user to understand how exactly the software going to work, the system and other accessories required for software to run full effectively.

Software coding & Implementation:

After receiving software design & other documents, we assign a Project leader who is well verse & professional in Software Development. He and his unit start working with actual coding part required for the software. Here we take care to implement the best standards of coding to avoid any mishaps and ensure that the software will run smoothly and error-free.

Software Testing:

To ensure the project and development is going in right direction and to detect any defects or loopholes in development in time, we perform a through software testing after completion of each level step. Our software testing process provide us the assurity to develop a perfect and effective business software, which fulfill the every requirement of client.


On successful software development and testing we deploy the software with owner rights to the client and install the software at clients end.

Training & Maintenance:

On successful deployment and installation, we provide a detailed training and explanation of each and every module of the software to the client and the end user. Our support team guides the end user time to time to run the software smoothly and more effectively. We also provide the free software maintenance for the mutually agreed period.

Over the years we are providing our software development services to various sectors and industries like, education, manufacturing, retailing, wholesale, hotel, financial, insurance, banks, small scale businesses, individual professionals and business owners.

We are specialized in developing

  • Inventory & Accounting Software
  • MLM Software
  • CRM Software
  • School / College Management Software
  • Attendance management software
  • Dairy Management Software
  • ERP Software
  • .. and many others